Saturday, 31 December 2011

Year-End Recap: 2011

Year-End Recap: 2011

The last 365 days had its ups and downs (like any other year) but overall it was a year that taught me a lot in many areas. For one our daughter Farah has developed into a toddler and is running all over the place adding a whole other variable to the equation...and definition of endurance training! It's been a lot of work but I've had so much fun through this process (and have posted many, *probably annoying to some*, pictures/videos on Facebook, etc. of her). Proud papa for sure :-)

(Power smoothie with her hipster "skinny jeans"!!!)

Similarly to the previous few years I logged many miles running (close to 3,000 miles) including a slew of races throughout the country. Overall I was pretty satisfied with my performances...but I also took home some lessons that hopefully I can apply in 2012 and beyond. Click HERE to see the list of races. I also was able to get back to doing some good old Adventure Runs which were extremely enjoyable and reminded me of why I love this sport so much. Click HERE

(Grand Canyon November 2011...Todd Janssen, Jason Leman, Amy Sproston, Meghan Arboghast)

I was finally able to finish a college degree that I have dragged along for years (*sigh...that felt good...finally!), and I started working as a personal running coach/trainer which has also been very rewarding.

Living here in Portland, Oregon for about 2.5 years now has brought us much joy as I feel very grateful for the community (runners and non-runners) and the fellowship. Plus it such an amazing place to explore with the mountains, forests, and ocean nearby.

I have a lot of appreciation and gratitude for the companies that help me out in this sport/activity that I love and enjoy so much. Thank you Inov-8 for helping me with trail (and road) running shoes and gear...It has been an honor to be a part of the team once again.

Drymax Socks...You don't even know how useful your socks are to me living here in the soggy Pacific Northwest. I'm pretty darn sure I didn't have ANY blisters at all this past year! :-) Thanks!!!

Flora Health/ Udo's Oil products have kept me extremely healthy with the wide range of vitamins, supplements, etc. and I am so thankful to have met you. I look forward to another year "oiling the machine"!!! Thank you so much for your continued kindness and generosity!

Rudy Project is a tight-knit team that I just joined and am excited about sporting their top notch and stylish sunglasses, etc. I really feel special for being asked to be a part of the first ever Rudy Project Ultra Running Team. Looking forward to 2012..Thanks!

Last but definitely not least I want to thank my friends and more importantly my family for supporting me and my passion. I'm sure there were times where you wanted to put a bullet in your head (or mine) if you heard another word about anything relating to ultras. Without a doubt I would not be able to do half of what I do without such a loving support group...So Erica...I love you...and thank you so much! and to my extended family and friends I really appreciate it.

As I head out for my last run of 2011 I will reflect on all the laughs, cries, triumphs, defeats, ups downs, tears, smiles, and all the wonderful people I have shared experiences with and have met. And when the run is over I will celebrate and look positively toward another amazing year in 2012...More will be revealed!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

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