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Business and networking go hand-in-hand. Meeting new people, hearing new ideas and being "seen" is critical to your long-term career success, but why limit yourself to those in your field, industry or city? Members of the MBA Association gain exposure to a world of innovative thinkers and accomplished doers.

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Put simply, your lifetime membership in the MBA Association is about opportunity. Whether it's the opportunity so share your company's new offerings, to espouse your own credentials amidst a career change or to apply your talents to an opportunity presented by another MBAA member, each month's Bulletins and Newsletters are opportunities to profit.

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Just like your MBA degree, your membership in the MBA Association is for life. Join today and learn how other business professionals around the globe are putting their education and experience to work in the field. Each month you'll hear from other members that include executives, entrepreneurs and the newly graduated as they advance their respective careers and affect markets worldwide.

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As a lifetime member, you too have the option to share with the MBA community. Whether it's your new business idea, the product or service offering that you're bringing to market you can get yourself and your opportunity before the people who can affect real change.

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Love them or not, social networks are a mainstay of public life. Fortunately, we make it easy for you to make the most of what value they can bring to your brand - while not consuming your valuable time.

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