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Graduate business professionals have earned, and continue to earn, the MBA designation every year in top universities around the globe and then put those learnings to work at companies that move markets and define the industries in which they operate.

Whether you want to hear what others are doing and how you can get involved or if you have your own opportunities to share, the Association's monthly bulletins and newsletters give lifetime members the chance to reach around the globe to affect change and reap the benefits of their education and professional success.

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With members who have earned their MBA decades ago along with members who have just graduated from the best schools, the MBA Association's membership profile is always fresh and rich with experience.

Business leaves no room for complacency. Regardless of your past accomplishments, future success is promised only to those who are willing to learn from the next generation. Likewise, ignorance of what history has to teach us will see a new generation stumble over similar pitfalls. The combination of experience and exuberance blends in the MBA Association's monthly bulletins and newsletters to offer lifetime insights and opportunities for a lifetime.

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As a lifetime member, you too have the option to share with the MBA community. Whether it's your new business idea, the product or service offering that you're bringing to market you can get yourself and your opportunity before the people who can affect real change.

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